Academic planning


For students enrolling for the Four-Year Institute of Technology, the course covers both science and technology, and management training.

• Year 1: The course covers basic disciplines such as economics, chemistry, and environmental science and management, and students will learn national economic characteristics, environmental and resource management issues.

• Year 2: The course includes ecology, industrial processes, and environmental analysis and management. Students will understand the importance of meeting local demands in accordance to environmental laws and regulations. Students will also learn cost-effective measures to enhance industrial sustainability and increase national competitiveness.

• Year 3: Oriented environmental management systems were conducted to train students problem-solving skills. The course includes environmental monitoring and engineering, environmental/energy audits and environmental impact assessment.

• Year 4: To integrate the knowledge and skills learnt during the first 3 years, students will undergo industrial internship to gain valuable practical experience. Students can gain new insights based on their internship experience and develop new opportunities with the industry, such as the use of resource-based technology, environmental protection design, and industrial ecological principles to establish green industries.

Master’s degree (for full-time students and working professionals) - Students can choose the following fields based on their interest and expertise.

• Engineering and Monitoring Group: Improve students' ability to engage in environmental engineering and safety technology research and development through advanced theoretical courses and research methods.

• Information and Management Group: Based on courses in environmental management, combined with politics, economy, society, environmental ethics and international environmental protection regulations, to equip students with the practical ability in handling multidisciplinary environmental issues.