To align with national economic development and to provide enterprises with personnel trained in environmental protection, Chaoyang University of Technology set up the Department of Environmental Management in 1997. The department only enrolled students for the Bachelor Degree program until in 2000 where the Master’s Degree program was offered. In 2001, the department was renamed the Department of Environmental Engineering and Management to offer students a more forward-looking and robust learning environment. 

The department aims to cultivate students with international perspective in natural resources conservation and environmental protection. The department specializes in environmental engineering design and operation, green energy and enterprise environmental management, environmental risk and information management, environmental monitoring and analysis, and environmental nanotechnology application. Students will learn essential knowledge and skills through practical trainings, communication, and teamwork and develop the ability of independent learning.

The department is the only one in Taiwan to offer both engineering and management practice. At present, the department offers a complete technical and vocational education system which includes courses for the Bachelor and Master’s degrees. The Master’s degree is eligible for full-time students and working professionals. At present, two Bachelor classes are enrolled each year, with a total of eight classes. For Master’s degree, two classes are enrolled each year with one class allocated for full-time students and the other for working professionals.