Hsi-Hsien Yang


Hsi-Hsien Yang, Distinguished Professor / Dean of College of Science and Engineering


Job title Distinguished Professor/Dean, College of Science and Engineering
Office E420.1 (Dean office); G-408 (Research office)
Tel 886-4-2332-3000 ext. 7571 (Dean office), 4451 (Research office)
Fax 886-4-23742365
E-mail hhyang@cyut.edu.twhhyang@gm.cyut.edu.tw
Category Full-Time
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Educational qualification
School name Country Department Degree Date
National Cheng Kung University R.O.C. Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering Doctorate Degree 1995-09 ~ 1998-06
National Cheng Kung University R.O.C Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering Master Degree 1993-09 ~ 1995-06
Tunghai University R.O.C. Department of Environmental Science and Engineering Bachelor's Degree 1989-09 ~ 1993-06
Work experiences
Organization Job title Department Date
Chaoyang University of Technology Dean College of Science and Engineering 2020-08 ~ Now
Chaoyang University of Technology Distinguished Professor Department of Environmental Engineering and Management 2021-08 ~ Now
Chaoyang University of Technology Professor Department of Environmental Engineering and Management 2006-08 ~ Now
Chaoyang University of Technology Chairperson Department of Environmental Engineering and Management 2010-08 ~ 2014-07
University of California Riverside Visiting Professor Center for Environmental Research & Technology

2007-06 ~2007-09

XI'AN University of Architecture and Technology Exchange Scholar School of Environment Engineering and City Planning 2006-11 ~ 2006-11
East china University of Sciencr and Technology Exchange Scholar Department of Environmental Engineering 2005-04 ~ 2005-04
Chaoyang University of Technology Associate Professor Department of Environmental Engineering and Management 2003-06 ~ 2006-07
Chaoyang University of Technology Assistant Professor Department of Environmental Engineering and Management 1999-05 ~ 2003-05



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(B) Conference papers
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National Science and Technology Council project
Year Title Role Project period

Subsidized/Entrusted organization

2022-2025 Investigation on development and real-driving measurement of semi-volatile organic compounds PEMS for motor vehicles (3 years)  PI 2022.8.1 ~ 2025.7.31

National Science and Technology Council

2019-2022 Investigation on development and measurement of particulate mass mini-PEMS for mobile emission sources (3 years)  PI 2019.8.1 ~ 2022.7.31 MOST
2019 Development of measurement technology for particulate emissions from motorcycles and assessment for the effectiveness of regular inspection PI 2019-01 ~ 2019-12 MOST/EPA
2016-2019 Investigation on the composition, formation mechanism and control of condensable particulate from stationary combustion sources (3 years) PI 2016-08 ~ 2019-07 MOST
2017 Investigation on the effectiveness of air pollution control devices and measurement of regulated and non-regulated air pollutants PI 2017-09 ~ 2019-09 MOST/EPA
2013-2016 Investigation of dilution sampling system for stationary air pollutant emission sources and characterization of air pollutant emissions (3 years) PI 2013-08 ~ 2016-07 MOST
2012 Establishment and application of denuder-MOUDI-PUF system on the measurement of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon phase and size distribution for diesel engine exhaust PI 2012-08 ~ 2013-07 MOST

Investigation of ethanol-blended gasoline on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and carbonyl emissions from motorcycles under durability driving test

PI 2011-08 ~ 2012-07 MOST
2010 Influences of ethanol-blended gasoline on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and carbonyl emissions from motorcycles PI 2010-08 ~ 2011-07 MOST
2010 柴油車細懸浮微粒(PM2.5)排放減量技術及策略之研究 Co-PI 2011-09 ~ 2011-08 MOST/EPA

Estimation of emission inventory and abatement technology for fine particulates emitted from diesel vehicles

Co-PI 2009-07 ~ 2010-06 MOST/EPA
2008 Influences of alternative fuels on PAH emissions and biological characteristics of nano-particulates from motor vehicles PI 2008-08 ~ 2009-07 MOST
2007 移動污染源有害空氣污染物監測與低污染替代燃料研究 PI 2005-08 ~ 2006-07 MOST
2007 隨機演算與區域性空氣污染總量管制策略分析 Co-PI 2007-08 ~ 2008-07 MOST
2006 空間統計與工業區總量管制策略分析 Co-PI 2006-08 ~ 2007-07 MOST

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon concentrations and genotoxicities in various sizes of nano-particulates from diesel engines and motorcycles.

PI 2006-08 ~ 2007-07 MOST
2005 Genotoxicity and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon content of particulate for various size ranges from motorcycles and the influences of fuel on genotoxicity PI 2005-08 ~ 2006-07 MOST
2004 快速萃取法應用於分析半揮發性有機物之空氣樣品研究 PI 2004-08 ~ 2005-07 MOST
2004 Characterization of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon emission and size distribution from motorcycles with injection and carburetor engines PI 2004-08 ~ 2005-07 MOST
2003 Investigation of the effects of aromatic composition and content on diesel engine emissions PI 2003-08 ~ 2004-07 MOST
2003 Investigation of the effects of fuel property improvement on air pollutant emission from motorcycle and the establishment of emission factors  PI 2003-03 ~ 2004-02 MOST
2002 Air Quality Effect from the Emission of Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine on Diesel Fuel Specifications: Cetane Number and Total Aromatic Content Co-PI 2002-08 ~ 2003-07 MOST
2002 Developing and application of single particle approach to investigate the characteristics of particulate sulfate dry deposition PI 2002-08 ~ 2003-07 MOST
2001 Application of Vacuum-Deposited Thin Film Method for the Investigation of Marine Aerosol by Single Particle Approach PI 2001-08 ~ 2002-07 MOST
2000 Investigation of Size Distributions and Dry Depositions of Metal Elements and Ions in Marine Aerosol. PI 2000-08 ~ 2001-07 MOST


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